AI Text Assistant

Enhance your productivity with advanced AI-powered text analysis and summarization

Transform the Way You Work with Text

Unlock the power of AI to analyze and summarize text like never before.

Key Features

Automatic Text Summarization

Summarize large texts in your preferred language within seconds, saving time and reducing your reading load.

Intelligent Comment Generation

Create unique and high-quality comments in your preferred language related to your texts and emotion.

Customizable Settings

Adjust parameters like text length and summary ratio to obtain the most suitable results for your needs.

Powered by GPT-4 Technology

Get accurate and meaningful results with the latest AI technology developed by OpenAI.

Personal API Key Usage

Connect to your OpenAI account and use your private API key for a more personalized experience.

Easy and Secure API Key Management

Store your API key securely with encryption and protect your privacy.

Who is AI Text Assistant for?

Content Creators & Writers

Accelerate the writing process and enrich content with summary and comment generation features.

Students & Academics

Speed up studying and research by summarizing and analyzing large amounts of text efficiently.

Marketers & Communication Pros

Strengthen content marketing strategies and communicate effectively with target audiences using quick text analysis and unique comments.

Journalists & Editors

Speed up news compilation by quickly summarizing news and reports, focusing on more content.

Business Analysts & Managers

Accelerate decision-making and develop better strategies by benefiting from summaries of business reports and market analyses.

Educators & Teachers

Save time evaluating student work and organizing class materials with text summarization and analysis features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automatic Text Summarization?

Automatic Text Summarization is a feature that allows you to condense large texts into shorter, more manageable versions. AI Text Assistant uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze and extract the most important points from the text, providing you with a concise and coherent summary in seconds.

How does Intelligent Comment Generation work?

Intelligent Comment Generation is a feature that creates unique and high-quality comments related to your texts. AI Text Assistant's GPT-4 technology processes and understands the context of your text, generating relevant and meaningful comments that can enrich your content and provide additional insights.

What are the customizable settings in AI Text Assistant?

AI Text Assistant allows you to adjust various settings, such as text length and summary ratio, to obtain the most suitable results for your needs. By customizing these settings, you can fine-tune the output of the AI to better align with your specific requirements and preferences.

How do I connect my OpenAI account and use my personal API key?

To connect your OpenAI account, you'll need to input your personal API key into AI Text Assistant. Once connected, the application will use your API key to access the OpenAI platform, providing a more personalized and accurate experience. Instructions for obtaining and entering your API key will be provided within the app.

Is my API key secure in AI Text Assistant?

Yes, your API key is secure when using AI Text Assistant. The application stores your API key with encryption, ensuring that your privacy is protected and your key remains confidential.

Is trial option available?

Yes, when you install extension you can use some features without need to buy a license for 3 days. After the trial, you can continue to enjoy unlimited access to all features with a one-time fee of $9.99.

Does AI Text Assistant collect any personal data?

No, AI Text Assistant does not collect any of your private data. Your API key is stored securely with encryption to protect your privacy. However, we recommend that you review OpenAI's privacy policies, as we are not responsible for any personal data they may handle during the use of their services.